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Assessment and Intervention


We are able to offer full assessments using both standardised and non-standardised assessments as well as more informal observations of play skills. The assessment process will also involve discussion with parents, teachers and, where appropriate, others relevant to your child’s situation. The results of the assessment will be provided in a comprehensive report. The assessment can be carried out at home or in school or nursery. Alternatively, when necessary, assessments can take place at a therapy centre in Colchester.

Aspire Therapy can offer 1:1 therapy sessions either at our therapy centre, or the child's home, school or nursery. We are also able to offer specialist intervention using a sensory integration room with the use of suspended equipment. If your child has already received an Occupational Therapy assessment elsewhere, we are happy to work from assessments completed by other therapists. A discounted rate is available for bookings of 6 therapy sessions.

Intervention for individuals

Aspire therapy is able to offer 1:1 and group interventions in schools. Some of the issues we can assist with include;

  • Assessment of a child’s difficulty with handwriting including legibility, fluency and speed. Intervention to improve handwriting can be undertaken individually or within a group.

  • Support to set up a gym trail or finger gym. We can also provide periodic support to ensure that each child’s progress is maintained and built on.

  • Advice and 1:1 intervention to implement sensory based strategies where these are indicated.

  • Advice and support to increase a child’s attention and concentration skills.

  • Assistance and advice regarding specialist equipment purchase and monitoring.

  • Support to enable inclusion of pupils with significant learning needs or physical or visual impairment.

We would be very happy to discuss your pupil’s needs to identify if we are able to provide the support you require. We always seek to offer excellent value for money and would be happy to discuss packages of therapy input such as handwriting ‘clinics’ or motor skills groups.

Special Schools

Aspire Therapy is able to offer individual or group therapy depending on the child’s needs. We have significant experience in working with children with complex neurological and physical conditions as well as autism and all levels of learning difficulty. If you feel your pupils would benefit from additional therapy input to complement the existing statutory provision then please contact us to discuss how we can put together a package of therapy tailored to your needs.

Intervention for schools

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